Thrush offers a range of aerial application aircraft to fit any size and type of operation. With hopper capacities ranging from 400 to 710 gallons, each Thrush model provides superb visibility, light control surfaces, unbeatable speed, and maneuverability. Thrush is known for structural durability and excellent performance under the most extreme conditions. Take off in a Thrush, and see your business do the same.


The 510P is a proven work horse setting the standard in the 500 gallon aircraft category. Along with its legendary Pratt & Whitney PT6, 510 gallon hopper capacity and unmatched 29,000-hour wing spar life the 510P is dependable and productive for your business.

510P Specs


The 510G joins the performance and durability of the Thrush 510 airframe with the power of the GE H80 (800 shp). This combination proves to be an excellent performer, able to haul the full payload and not compromise the agile handling. Let the H80 do the work for you!

510G Specs


The 510GR is no stranger in the performance category. With the 940 horsepower TPE331-10 it is more than capable of hauling a 510 gallon hopper load all day long. The Honeywell engine is a good candidate for cost saving benefits and a more economical operation.

510GR Specs


The 550P has the same quality and performance as all Thrush Aircraft. It has a 550 gallon hopper capacity, unmatched 29,000-hour wing spar life, rugged spring steal landing gear, and a dependable Pratt & Whitney PT6A-60AG. Its 1050 shp is more than enough to take flight and get the acres done!

550P Specs